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Virtual Archaeological Museum & Herculaneum






Amalfi, Italy


Baia, Italy


Capri, Italy


Castellammare di Stabia, Italy


Cuma, Italy


Ercolano, Italy

(MAV & Herculaneum)


Florence, Italy


Lido di Ostia, Italy


Naples, Italy


- Castel dell'Ovo


- Castel Sant’Elmo


- Centro Storico


- Impressions


- Museo Nazionale


- Orto Botanico


- San Gennaro


- Santa Chiara


- Sotterranea


- Mount Vesuvius


- Villa Floridiana


Ostia Antica, Italy


Paestum, Italy


Pisa, Italy


Pompeii, Italy


Pozzuoli, Italy


Rome, Italy


Sorrento, Italy


Tivoli, Itlay


Torre Annunziata, It.


Venice, Italy








Virtual Archaeological Museum







Pompeii , The Macellum









House of the Citharist




House of the Faun, Pompeii





Villa of the Papyri













Entrance to the Archeological Site of Herculaneum






A view of Herculaneum








The excavations of Ercolano






"Boat houses" with skeletons






Terrace of M. Nonius Balbus




Sacellum of the four Gods






House of Relief of Telephus











Taberna of Priapus




Large Taberna








Hall of the Augustals









House of Neptune and Amphitrite













The Central Thermae








House of the Mosaic Atrium







House of the Wooden Partition








House of the Genius





House of Argus








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